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Animals - Point & Name with 44 Rhymes

Animals - Point & Name with 44 Rhymes
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Tillywig Award Winner 2016

Rock 'N Learn

This lovingly illustrated board book depicts a wide range of animals (44 to be exact), creatures of the farm, forest, jungle and elsewhere from around the world. The book functions brilliantly either as a point-and-learn picture book or as something to be read aloud. With each turn of the page, kids delight in identifying animals they know and learning the names of ones they don't. When the time is right for reading, the fun rhymes that grace every page enhance the fun and learning. Each entertaining rhyme explores characteristics of a particular animal, presenting playful facts in ways that kids readily absorb. This winning combination of pictures and words makes for fun-filled solo time for youngsters as well as many a treasured moment to be shared between parent and child. 30 pages in all, for ages 1 and up.