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Babies Nurse - Asi se alimentan los bebes

Babies Nurse - Asi se alimentan los bebes
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Tillywig Award Winner 2018

Platypus Media
$14.95 (hardback) or $9.95 (paperback)
4-7 yrs.

This very special book delights and enthralls young readers with its depictions of various mammals engaged in the act of nursing - bats, polar bears, pandas, seals, monkeys, tigers, deer, horses, zebras, dolphins, cats, dogs and, last but not least, humans. The words that grace each pair of pages (in both English and Spanish) are accompanied by stunning illustrations that convey the warmth and universality of this most nurturing bond. Page after page, the verbal and visual artistry conjures heartfelt vignettes to which youngsters respond with intense curiosity, fascination and empathy. The back of the book contains a section that delivers detailed facts about each of the 13 species, information to which youngsters are highly receptive due to the depth of their engagement by the prior pages. 'Babies Nurse' both satisfies and whets children's appetite for knowledge, providing a robust springboard into conversations about parenting, biology, habitats, survival, and the world at large.