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Book Reader Animal Kingdom

Book Reader Animal Kingdom
Parents Favorite Products
Tillywig Award Winner 2018

Best Learning Materials Corp.

Book Reader Animal Kingdom provides an exciting and entertaining educational experience for early readers. The skillfully designed blend of hardcover book and electronic learning features allows children to read on their own or interactively explore each page using the buttons and animal paw affixed to the right hand side of the book. By flipping the paw to touch any page, kids hear the contents read aloud, accompanied by animal and nature sounds. In so doing, youngsters learn a great deal about each of the 12 featured animals' physical characteristics, eating habits, natural habitats and more! By pressing the question mark button, young learners enter Quiz Mode, where they are asked a series of true or false questions about the animal on the page. The questions, to which kids respond by pressing either the True or False button, pertain to the written/spoken content as well as illustrations on the page. This highly engaging approach to learning helps develop memory, concentration, problem solving, dexterity, motor functions and detailed knowledge of the dozen featured animals. Requires 3 AA batteries.