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Critical Thinking Detective

Critical Thinking Detective
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

The Critical Thinking Company

Kids and adults quickly became hooked on the dozen fun, challenging yet satisfyingly solvable mysteries in Critical Thinking Detective. Most any reader willing to apply his or her powers of observation, deduction and inference can get to the bottom of these 12 entertaining whodunits. Each mystery involves a theft and provides the story, facts and a lineup of four suspects on a single page. The page that follows is broken into four lined sections in which the sleuth/reader is encouraged to use complete sentences to describe the best evidence supporting their conclusions regarding each suspect. Discerning which three suspects are innocent is often the shortest path to finding the guilty party. The process of sifting through facts for key evidence and then forming written conclusions gives students outstanding experience in exercising and developing those ever-essential critical thinking skills.