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Essentials for Social Studies

Essentials for Social Studies
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2018

5-8 yrs.

Essentials for Social Studies provides teachers with a remarkably effective and easy to use all-in-one resource with which to teach social studies to students age 5 through 8. The core of the book consists of 100 reproducible activity pages, each of which is structured in such a way as to engage, excite and inform. Titles, borders, text boxes, illustrations and other visual and structural elements vary in appearance from one page to the next, visually conveying a perpetual sense of freshness and playfulness that catch the eye and invigorate the student's curiosity. Just as importantly, the clever formatting skillfully and concisely presents the material on each page in ways that make it easy for students to absorb and understand. Essentials for Social Studies is broken up into six chapters (Foundations, Geography, History, Government, Civics, Economics) followed by an appendix that includes templates, graphic organizers, writing prompts, project-based learning ideas, two-sided vocabulary cards with definitions, and more.