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Martin Finds a Way

Martin Finds a Way
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2016

Flowerpot Press
4-8 yrs.

'One fine day, with little to no fanfare, a really nice kid named Martin began a journey.' Thus begins the fabulous 'Martin Finds a Way,' a book about individuality, openness, self-discovery, acceptance, and the multitude and diversity of paths we all encounter in life. That's a tall order for any book to fill, but 'Martin Finds a Way' does so with great artistry. Which is not to say it is heavy-handed, quite the opposite. The story flows simply and succinctly from page to page, with the elegant feel of a fable. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous - stunning, two-page illustrations that traverse urban and natural settings in surprising ways while veering dramatically in color and context. 'Martin Finds a Way' is a life-embracing book, a meaningful, highly enjoyable work deserving of a special place on children's bookshelves in homes, classrooms, and libraries for generations to come.