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My First Piano Book

My First Piano Book
Best Creative Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Best Learning Materials Corp.

In addition to being loads of fun, this book with a built-in functioning piano is an exceptional educational tool. The keyboard contains surprisingly robust features. For starters, it is tuned to A440 pitch just like a full-sized piano and has keys that extend one and a half octaves from C below middle C to the G above, a total of 20 keys. The keyboard is marked with numbers and letters so that kids can start playing the popular songs in the accompanying songbook even before they know how to read music. Amazingly, the keyboard is polyphonic, meaning the child can play, and hear, multiple notes simultaneously. In addition to the piano keyboard are 10 song buttons, each of which triggers a different children's song for the budding musician to play along with. 6 Music Instrument buttons allow the keyboard's sound to be changed among piano, flute, saxophone, harp, accordion and guitar. Record and playback buttons let youngsters hear and share their musical explorations after the fact. Bravissimo!