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Reindolphins - A Christmas Tale

Reindolphins - A Christmas Tale
Parents Favorite Products
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Missing Piece Press
4-10 yrs.

This utterly charming tale of Santa's efforts to find animals to help deliver gifts during his ailing Reindeers' (chicken pox!) absence is as amusing as it is heartwarming. That the droves of applicants for the job must pass a test produces wildly hilarious results. It turns out that having elephants land on your roof leads to unpleasant complications. Skunks, too, turn out to be less than optimal, as anyone with a nose will understand. We won't spoil the fun by recounting the details of other tryouts. Let's just say that hippos, bunnies, pigs, cats, monkeys, gorillas, otters, hyenas, chameleons and several other species do not make the cut. It turns out that dolphins, as the title implies, have the right stuff! The writing, rhyming and full color illustrations in this hardcover book are all top-notch, making for an unforgettable adventure and new holiday tradition that kids love to read, hear and share!