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Scribfolio Dry Erase

Scribfolio Dry Erase
Best Creative Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2017


Scribfolio Dry Erase is an ingenious approach to creativity, artistic expression and fun! Each page contains an abstract art-like scribble in which the eye of the beholder is assured of seeing all kinds of possibilities. The magic lies in choosing one of those mental visions to embellish and evolve into something all your own. Add lines, shapes, eyes, wings, claws, create your own characters and critters - whatever strikes your fancy. The results can be truly amazing! The set comes with a high quality microfiber cloth that makes wiping the page clean and starting anew super easy to do. And because the original scribbles inspire a different reaction with each new beginning (or simply by turning the angle of the page), Scribfolio has endless play value! The Scribfolio book contains 26 full-page Scribbles, 12 Scribble Challenges and comes with 4 different colored dry erase markers and the aforementioned MagicFiber cloth.