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Sentence Diagramming Beginning

Sentence Diagramming Beginning
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

The Critical Thinking Co.

Delving into this excellent workbook quickly reveals the pleasures and benefits of sentence diagramming. Not least among these are the ways in which the puzzle-solving or game-like nature of the activity engages students at a very high level. Both the activity itself and the resultant diagrams convey a great deal of information with elegant, almost math-like brevity that gets students' brains working in new and different ways. The critical thinking and information organization skills learned and applied in the process tend to be considerably different from those typically employed in a language class, a contrast that can be particularly exciting to those who have struggled with grammar in the past. Many students find sentence diagramming to be a highly effective way to absorb the finer points of English grammar, knowledge that can then positively inform all aspects of their reading, writing, and studies in general.