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The Sunday Comics

The Sunday Comics
Parents Favorite Products
Tillywig Award Winner 2018

Golden Bell Studios
$4.95 (14.95 for 4 issues)

This is comics the way comics were meant to be seen and read! Big, bold artwork, panels loaded with visual and verbal zing, the delicious feel of physical paper entwined with the anticipatory excitement of turning an actual page! Generations have grown up gorging on newspaper comic strips, and The Sunday Comics takes this pleasure to the nth degree. Each issue offers an entire newspaper packed with genre-spanning original stories along with a sprinkling of familiar favorites such as Garfield, B.C., and Dennis the Menace! The abundant variety of style and artwork encompasses comic strips, serialized stories, political, editorial, gag cartoons, and illustrated stories, with more than 300 creators contributing to the eye-popping bonanza. Given the magnitude and quality of content in each issue, the cost ($4.95 per issue or $14.95 for four issues) is a mere pittance. So tally-ho, readers young and old, the opportunity to embark on journey after journey into the fun and fantastical is at hand!