Duo Foot Finders - Hedgehog  Raccoon
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Duo Foot Finders - Hedgehog Raccoon

  • Price $11.99
  • By bbluv
  • Age: 3-6 mos,
These delightful animal-themed socks not only catch baby's eye, they also function like little activity centers that stimulate sensory development and fine motor skills. Sporting bright colors, varied patterns and a different animal at the tip of each foot (in this case Hedgehog & Raccoon, with others available), these adorable socks captivate little ones' attention like nobody's business. There is also a rattle integrated into each animal as well as varying textures in different parts of the sock to satisfy baby's yearning to explore touch. In addition to being high quality footwear for babies, the design is perfectly suited to function equally well as finger puppets, for further entertainment and play value!