Timex Time Machines Mobile App
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Timex Time Machines Mobile App

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  • By Timex
  • Age: 5-9 yrs.
Developed with the experts from Scholastic, the Timex Time Machines Mobile App is a fabulously fun and effective way for children to learn and reinforce their time-telling skills. It is absolutely free of charge, with no ads, no commercials and no in-app purchases whatsoever. Kids can choose between two interactive modes of play. Learning Mode features a range of time-related concepts (clockwise/counterclockwise, A.M./P.M., digital/analog ) as well as numerous activities that demonstrate the close relationship between math and time, such as counting to 60, converting between units of time, a review of the '5 times tables,' subdivision of the clock face into quarter hours and multiples of 5, and more. In Game Mode, youngsters encounter three very different, hugely enjoyable levels of play, each with its own distinct lessons and entertainment. Timex Time Machines is available for both Android and iOS.