LugBug Ergonomic Handle
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LugBug Ergonomic Handle

  • Price $39.99
  • By LugBug
  • Age: 18 mo.+
So obvious are its benefits, this sorely needed product put smiles on parents' faces before they even tried it out. LugBug is an ergonomic handle designed for the mom or dad carrying a young one in a car seat/baby carrier. It is lightweight, exceptionally strong (holds more than 200 lbs), quite pleasing in appearance and attaches and adjusts to any baby carrier in the blink of an eye. More importantly, LugBug allows the carrying arm to hang in a natural, wrist neutral position that decreases lifting effort while significantly reducing stress on the muscles, joints and tendons involved. Once attached, the handle can be swiveled before locking it in place, thus enabling the parent or caretaker to customize the angle for maximum physical comfort. LugBug is available in an assortment of playful colors (Cotton Candy, Raspberry, Sea Foam, Robin's Egg, Aquamarine and Mint).