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Bob Books Reading Magic Sight Words

Bob Books Reading Magic Sight Words
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2016

Bob Books

This is easily one of the best educational apps we've seen, with artwork, animations and game play that engage children to the fullest. Each of the app's four distinctly different games follows a simple but clever format in which a charming black-and-white illustration morphs into a gorgeous full-color animation as soon as the word activity is completed. Each animation acts out the sentence in which the sight word was contextualized, a mini-story-like feature that nurtures the student's budding joy of reading and invariably puts a smile on kids' faces. The four games utilize 30 of the most common kindergarten sight words and include the following activities: tracing each letter in a word, dragging letters to spell a word, spinning letter dials to complete a word, and reading and dragging sight words to complete a sentence. Children learn to read and sound out simple words, spell the words they've read, and to make the connection between letter shapes, words and sounds.