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Bob Books Spin and Spell

Bob Books Spin and Spell
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Bob Books Publishing, LLC
3-5 yrs.

Bob Books Spin and Spell is a wonderfully structured and entertaining learning environment through which early readers acquire the tools to become successful spellers while mastering 50 new words. Youngsters spin an onscreen dial to select the correct letter to complete each word, gradually progressing through several levels of play. Each time a word is correctly completed, an image of the object or action is colored in onscreen. After players spell three different rhyming words, a new word family is introduced. The app makes ample use of the connection between letter shapes, words and sounds, picture-word association and an alternating focus among beginning, middle and ending sounds to reinforce spelling concepts and word comprehension. Repetition is also put to excellent use, with many of the words recurring each time the focus has shifted to a different part of the word. Bob Books Spin and Spell offers a seamless blend of fun and learning that keeps kids happily engaged and coming back for more!