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Fun Ocean

Fun Ocean
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2016

Jon-Chao Hong, NTNU
2-6 yrs.

The fun educational activities contained in this free mobile app enable children to playfully explore life undersea and learn about marine biology along the way. Kids join Dot, a copperband butterflyfish, in adventures in which they meet a host of varied and sometimes exotic sea creatures. Players match silhouettes to actual sea life, learn important facts about the creatures and invite these new undersea friends to join Dot's growing entourage. Once invited, it's easy to learn about the varied ways in which these marine animals defend themselves. Sea cucumbers, crabs, jellyfish and more, they all have unique defense mechanisms that come in handy when animated predators (shark!) appear onscreen. Fun Ocean includes multiple language options (English, Traditional Chinese, and Mandarin phonetic alphabets) and an exciting double-player mode that allows players to engage in teamwork that amps up the fun and learning considerably.