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Kadho English

Kadho English
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2016

Kadho Inc.
3-10 yrs.

Kadho English is a carefully constructed learning vehicle that helps children build a strong English language foundation, step by enjoyable step. This free app provides a delightful mix of adorable animated characters, buoyant background music, and a multitude of letter- and word-based games that keep kids happily engaged. The intuitive interface allows multiple children to log into the app over time and tracks their progress separately. The bite-sized nature of the app's lessons/games is perfectly suited to young attention spans and learning capabilities. Repetition and variation are used to excellent educational effect, helping children to become deeply familiar with English language sounds and sound combinations. Along the way, youngsters earn rewards and prizes (a sticker album, the ability to make and save paintings and videos, . . .), providing a satisfying combination of fun and learning that keeps them coming back for more. In-app purchases are available.