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Skybrary Family

Skybrary Family
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

RRKidz Inc, the Home of Reading Rainbow
$4.99/mo. or 39.99/yr.
2-9 yrs.

Skybrary Family is an interactive library of digital books and video field trips that takes children on countless journeys of learning and exploration. With more than 600 children's books available and more titles being added continually, Skybrary maintains a remarkable level of quality throughout. The platform itself is highly entertaining and deeply engaging. Kids take virtual balloon rides to any of several islands such as Genius Academy, Awesome People, Animal Kingdom, National Geographic Kids, and others, where they have the option of reading on their own or having the tale narrated by skilled storytellers like spoken word Grammy winner LeVar Burton. The video field trips are exciting adventures during which LeVar guides viewers among fascinating places, people, and stunning natural wonders. Skybrary Family keeps kids returning again and again, excited and happy at the prospect of more fun and learning - an educational tour de force! Available via web or tablet, including iPad, Kindle Fire, and Android.