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Sleeptot App

Sleeptot App
Parents Favorite Products
Tillywig Award Winner 2018

$0 (Free)
0 - 12 mos.

As adorable as newborns and infants invariably are, fussing and wailing when rest and sleep are what is sorely needed can quickly become the norm. Sleeptot is a miraculously easy to use free app that offers up more than 30 soothing sounds and lilting lullabies that quickly prove indispensible for the calming influence they have on little ones. Be it rippling raindrops, a summer waterfall, a crackling campfire, birds tweeting and cooing, the gentle roar of a vacuum cleaner, or simply white noise, Sleeptot seems to have a sound (or several) suited to each child's unique needs. The widely diverse sounds are wonderfully realistic, and their calming effect can feel almost magical. Parents, too, enjoy the ambient sounds, which can seem like being suddenly transported to a wondrous faraway place, a restorative mini-vacation of sorts. The lullaby options provide a remarkable range of beautiful tunes and pleasing instrumentation. Each sound or musical selection offers the ability to set the duration of play and volume level. The free Sleeptot app offers in-app purchases with which to expand the options.