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App Development - Infinite Runner

App Development - Infinite Runner
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

9-15 yrs.

Kids are in for a treat with App Development - Infinite Runner, an online, self-paced course that does a phenomenal job of teaching students how to create their own commercial grade mobile game app in JavaScript using professional tools and environments. A sense of fun and excitement pervades the fast-paced lessons, making them as entertaining as they are enlightening. We can't say enough good things about Marshall, the series' youthful instructor whose energetic, humor-laced guidance keeps kids perpetually engaged and motivated. It's a highly effective hands-on approach that enables students to come away from each lesson with newfound knowledge and skills. By the end of the course, students will have created their own game app and learned how to put it on mobile phones and on the internet. The course includes over 35 hours of student projects, online mentoring support, and a personalized teacher review.