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Mod Creation - The Adventure Begins

Mod Creation - The Adventure Begins
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

7-15 yrs.

This fabulous online, self-paced course teaches children to create their very own custom mods for Minecraft using the Java programming language and professional grade software development tools. More than 35 hours of fun, engaging video instruction takes students through a slew of key coding concepts - variables, parameters, methods, loops, arrays and much more. CodaKid clearly understands that the most effective way to teach programming is through a hands-on approach, and the course wastes no time in getting to it. Kids find themselves blissfully immersed in code while Marshall, the course's youthful and highly entertaining instructor, provides step-by-step guidance. Kids revel in the gratifying immediacy of this playful yet focused approach. Throughout the course, Mod Creation features online mentoring support available from real teachers over messaging and screen share.