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French for Kids: Les Saisons (The Seasons)

French for Kids: Les Saisons (The Seasons)
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

1-7 yrs.

Children find the perpetually playful mix of live action and colorful animation in this educational video to be so thoroughly entertaining that the cliche, "They're not even aware they're learning" holds true. Behind this remarkable feat is the deep care and attention Whistlefritz puts into creating their language-learning products. The immersion method (everything is spoken in French) is a highly effective approach to teaching a second language, allowing kids to readily absorb meaning through context and repetition. This sing-along, dance-along funfest keeps viewers smiling and laughing the time away while onscreen players Fritzi, Marie, and a French-speaking entourage of children engage in a host of verbal exchanges and fun activities. The sheer pleasure of it keeps young viewers coming back, again and again, as they learn a variety of words and phrases associated with all four seasons. Available in digital file or as a beautifully packaged DVD.