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Meet the Phonics DVD 3 Pack

Meet the Phonics DVD 3 Pack
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2016

Preschool Prep Company

The animations and lovable characters that inhabit this 3 DVD educational set ($14.95 apiece or 39.95 for the 3-pack) are the glue that keeps kids coming back for more. That engagement level and interactivity are key elements of why children find this approach to learning to be so fun and easy. The program is broken into three distinct parts, grouped by DVD - Meet the Blends, Meet the Digraphs, and Meet the Letter Sounds. Through fun, interactive video segments, children learn 20 basic blends and 13 basic digraphs that are commonly taught in primary schools across the country, as well as sounds for letters a through z. Each of these key phonics elements is taught both alone and in the context of words. Young viewers experience the playful onscreen characters (often letters brought to life as a creature whose name starts with that letter) as entertaining friends to whom they want to return again and again!