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The French Collection (Boxed Set of 4 DVDs + 2 CDs)

The French Collection (Boxed Set of 4 DVDs + 2 CDs)
Parents Favorite Products
Tillywig Award Winner 2018

1-7 yrs.

Whistlefritz's abundant expertise is on full display throughout each of the six French language-learning programs that make up this wonderful boxed set. Young audiences find the joyously entertaining mix of animation, music and live action to be irresistibly fun, so much so that they return again and again to watch, listen and learn. Whistlefritz's immersive language-learning approach is so effective because of the depth of interaction it inspires, deeply engaging back-and-forths, singalongs and songs that allow kids to practice French and absorb meaning without any apparent effort. The set includes 4 outstanding DVDs - Dedans et dehors (Inside and Out), On va jouer (Let's Play), Les saisons (The Seasons), and L'anniversaire de Fritzi (Fritzi's Birthday) - that showcase the enchanting and enlightening host Marie along with the Whistlefritz Kids and the always amusing antics of animated mouse Fritzi. The fun and excitement continue with two highly musical CDs chock-full of snappy rhythms and catchy French songs that get kids singing and dancing while they learn!