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Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

$48/quarter, $96/year, or $200 lifetime subscription
7-14 yrs.

This highly effective online learning system is chock-full of engaging courses through which children age 7 and up learn to write code while enjoying themselves immensely. The self-guided, self-paced courses make it easy for students with no prior experience to acquire increasingly sophisticated programming skills as well as logic and critical thinking abilities applicable to a broad range of disciplines. Kids start with visual blocks and progress to JavaScript and Python, along the way earning trophies, badges and other rewards as they create apps, build games, program drones and robots and mod Minecraft. The advanced courses excel at helping kids achieve what would not long ago have been considered college-level abilities: writing and editing code in text, understanding and applying control structures, absorbing rules of syntax and habituating themselves to best practices widely used by today's software professionals. Parents receive regular updates about their child's progress and can manage the account by signing into Tynker's Parent Dashboard.