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Life on a Trampoline

Life on a Trampoline
Parents Favorite Products
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Song Wizard Records

Life on a Trampoline amply displays Randy & Dave's considerable talent for tickling the funny bones of parents and kids alike. Listeners of all ages will find themselves delighted, time and again, by story-like songs in which cleverness and silliness abound. The instrumental backing and vocals are packed with catchy melodies and genre-bending variety, at times bluesy and jazzy, at others more country- and pop-flavored. So amusing and well-crafted are the lyrics that just reading them (full color booklet with chords and lyrics included) is a treat. The title track catapults a diminutive kid to awe-inspiring heights when he discovers the perspective-shifting power of the trampoline. The dazzling rhymes in Enjoy it While You Can recall a limerick gone gleefully awry, while the mysterious sounding Squadoosh puts a pleasing twist on the eternal childhood fear of the monster in the closet. From the first song to the last, Life on a Trampoline represents children's entertainment at its finest, good clean fun that inspires laughter, movement and unbridled playfulness.