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My Wiggle Makes Me Giggle

My Wiggle Makes Me Giggle
Parents Favorite Products
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Choosy Kids
2-7 yrs.

This highly interactive album gets kids on their feet, moving and discharging energy in a productive, fun-filled way. Its vibrant, danceable songs are consistently upbeat, both musically and thematically, and engage kids in a way that is simultaneously free-spirited and purposeful. Many of the tunes (I Can! Can You?, Follow the Leader, Gotta Hug Myself, Do What I Do, . . .) guide young listeners through a series of physical actions, a call to movement to which kids respond enthusiastically and energetically. The lyrics of these and other songs on the CD contain themes of positive self image and self esteem, invaluable messages for kids to absorb in today's world. There is an emphasis throughout on caring for our bodies, songs that celebrate necessary rituals such as washing and cleaning ourselves, brushing our teeth, and eating healthily. Hearing these messages in such a fun, playful context, kids start to see these essential daily activities as enjoyable, something parents will deeply appreciate.