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FinWiggle & Friends

FinWiggle & Friends
Best Family Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

The Simple Seeds

The gentle rhythms and lilting melodies that grace track after track on FinWiggle & Friends reveal The Simple Seeds' knack for spreading happiness one song at a time. Children immediately gravitate to the graceful beauty of the folk style music and the way the sing-able lyrics celebrate a variety of creatures in their natural habitats. The multi-instrumental band has a distinctive, acoustic-dominant sound that merges with the talented vocals to convey the magic and majesty of the natural world. The songwriting and performances have a buoyancy and naturalness that mirror the lyrical content and evoke colorful, peaceful imagery. Unlike many children's albums, FinWiggle & Friends makes for equally gratifying adult listening, a characteristic that precipitates many a parent/child bonding moment by inspiring family sing-alongs, dance-alongs, and a shared sense of wonder.