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Baby Banana Octopus Toothbrush

Baby Banana Octopus Toothbrush
Parents Favorite Products
Tillywig Award Winner 2017


Little ones are easily captivated by the bumps, nubs and bristle-like sections that adorn the surface of both sides of this 100% silicone combination teether/toothbrush. The variety of carefully wrought textures serves both to soothe and entertain teething babies for hours on end. Two pairs of limbs form loops on either side of the octopus, easy-to-grasp handles for little ones to hold while exploring the varying terrain with mouth and gums. Octopus Toothbrush is a single-piece unit with no parts to worry about, no hard or sharp edges, just soft, flexible silicone with which to promote babies' oral health. Octopus Toothbrush is dishwasher safe, freezer friendly, non-allergenic, BPA-free, latex-free, and phthalate-free.