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Glow to Sleep

Glow to Sleep
Parents Favorite Products
Tillywig Award Winner 2016


Glow to Sleep is a wonderfully effective musical soother and nightlight with which parents can help ease baby into a state of restfulness and sleep, something for which the entire household will be grateful. The unit's compact, visually attractive design makes for a welcome addition to any room, while three sound modes offer a range of options for soothing and calming baby. Parents can play their own recorded songs, sounds and stories through Glow to Sleep from any bluetooth device, be it smartphone, tablet or computer. Similarly, parents can insert their own micro SD memory card to play whatever they like. Glow to Sleep also comes preprogrammed with calming sound effects and lullaby music right out of the box - soft rain, a babbling brook, ocean waves, and more. The unit's glowing LED light gently cycles through a rainbow of colors but can be turned on and off as desired. Micro USB cable and rechargeable backup lithium battery included.