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Strolly Bike

Strolly Bike
Parents Favorite Products
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

10 months+

The Strolly Bike starts out as a parent-controlled stroller for young ones and converts to a trike and balance bike as kids develop the confidence and skills necessary for each new level of mobility. This ability to grow and change with the child contributes to a longevity of usage that would otherwise require multiple products and expenditures, a value parents greatly appreciate. A rear handle lets Mom or Dad steer and guide the Strolly Bike's movements when in stroller or push trike mode and can be easily removed to allow the child full control of the trike. When the youngster is ready to begin preparation for bicycling, the trike easily converts to a balance bike that helps toddlers develop the balance, motor skills and that oh-so-important confidence necessary to embark on solo two wheeled pedaling. This product's quality and durability (not to mention its eye-catching appeal) are evident through all four stages, making it a favorite of parents and children alike.