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Teething Toes

Teething Toes
Parents Favorite Products
Tillywig Award Winner 2016

Teething Toes

It's easy to imagine the Eureka! moment that led to the invention of this wonderful new product: a mom, watching her baby nibble his toes for the umpteenth time while a much-needed teether goes by the wayside. Teething Toes is a sock with bite-sized silicone teethers for toes that puts self-soothing always within baby's reach. The adorable striped sock (available in pink or blue) is designed to fit any size foot or hand, while the angle and shape of the easy-to-chew silicone piece enables Teething Toes to reach all incoming teeth. The result: relief when and where it's needed most. Teething Toes is washable, freezer friendly and made with soft, 100% food-grade silicone. BPA-, Phthalate- and toxin-free.