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Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Pai Technology Inc.

Augie is a wonderfully entertaining robot whose range of activities offers kids a seamless blend of fun and learning. With the easy-to-use free app, Augie can be made to do any number of exciting and laughter-inducing things. In Free Play mode, an onscreen controller allows kids to send Augie zipping across the floor along any improvised path. Amazingly precise movement patterns can be accomplished by tapping specific icons - a figure 8, an S, a perfectly expanding outward spiral, and others. Augie can emit hilarious animal imitations, train whistles, bicycle bells, car horns, a revving motorcycle engine, and pitch perfect replications of a variety of musical instruments. His vocal range conveys loads of personality, and the ear-like lights on either side of Augie's 'head' can be put through an array of special effects. Kids can program Augie's behavior by dragging and ordering special coding blocks, sending him on Augmented Reality game-play missions with a new coding adventure unlocked each time one is completed!