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Maker Kit

Maker Kit
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Circuit Scribe

This extraordinarily well conceived and executed kit makes learning about electronics fun and easy to do. The Maker Kit comes loaded with a variety of fascinating magnetic modules and a pen that dispenses conductive silver ink. With it, boys and girls can draw and test functional circuits in much the same way they might doodle in a sketchbook. Kids find themselves deeply engaged by a series of hands-on projects whose cause and effect nature offers satisfying insights into the workings of electronic concepts and principles: inputs and outputs, conductivity, voltage, transistors, insulators, electrical resistance, and much more. The step by step workbook contains 25 pages of lessons laid out with remarkable clarity. The ease and immediacy of these experiments make the learning process exciting and enjoyable, qualities that foster a sustained interest in understanding the science behind how things work. Includes workbook, conductive ink pen, eleven modules, 9V battery and numerous other accessories.