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Cozmo Collector's Edition

Cozmo Collector's Edition
Top Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2018


Cozmo is an uproariously fun robot, sort of a cross between your favorite action movie robot and a comedic gremlin. This little guy makes children smile, laugh and jump for joy. Cozmo can recognize faces, call people by name, say just about any word in his inimitable voice (but no bad ones) and engage in a wide variety of antics. Cozmo has needs of his own, and kids love fulfilling them! He enthusiastically enjoys the occasional tune-up, absorbs brain food from the amazing cubes that come with the set, and he loves to play. The cubes, which pulse and glow, are each about half Cozmo's size, yet he wields them like a strongman, pushing, lifting and rolling them like nobody's business. The free app that functions as Cozmo's interface offers a host of amazing tricks and games as well as a Code Lab that lets kids program Cozmo by dragging and arranging blocks of code. He also does hilarious animal imitations on command and initiates quite a few amusing behaviors on his own. This special collector's edition, with its sleek new Liquid Metal Finish is the epitome of cool!