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SAM's Curious Cars

SAM's Curious Cars
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

SAM Labs

SAM's Curious Cars is a fun, exciting and innovative set with which kids create, customize and program a variety of vehicles and pilot them wirelessly using a handheld controller. The controller itself gets modified from build to build using the set's core components: six wireless SAM blocks that include two DC motors for making things spin and rotate, a button for turning things on and off, a slider for steering or changing speed, a light that can flash, dim or cycle through colors, and a tilt sensor for reversing direction or boosting speed. The blocks are paired and connected to one another via free SAM apps that can be downloaded and used on either iPhone/iPad, Android devices or a desktop computer. Kids get to explore logic gates and custom code to make their vehicles do surprising things! The set also includes 16 other diverse and uniquely creative projects in the aptly named Book of Crazy Cool Ideas, with many more available online.