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100+ Circuit Science

100+ Circuit Science
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2016

Amazing Toys Limited

The main circuit board unit that acts as the foundation on which this set's 100+ experiments are performed is a wonder to behold. Its well-organized surface, a conglomeration of dials, switches, LEDs, and several dozen tightly coiled spring terminals, presents an orderly universe ripe with the promise of many possible connections. The variety of electronic experiments that can be performed quickly and easily are in equal parts entertaining and enlightening. The aural and visual outcomes of these experiments (LEDs lighting up, a bell ringing, a flying disc, . . .) give tangible proof of the principle being demonstrated. The setup for each experiment consists of using any of the set's precut strips of wire to make connections among the spring terminals (each of which is numbered for speedy access), by following a simple numeric key. It is fast, satisfying, educational fun through which kids learn about electronic components, electricity, voltage, current, resistance, magnetism, and much more! Requires 4 AA batteries.