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1000 piece Periodic Table Puzzle

1000 piece Periodic Table Puzzle
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2018

Re-marks, Inc.

This robust 1,000 piece puzzle delights jigsaw puzzle fans and neophytes alike with its sprawling size and the satisfying challenge it presents. Atop these considerable pleasures is the benefit that assembling the puzzle both tests and markedly improves one's knowledge of the Periodic Table. In addition to displaying all the elements in their customary order, each rectangle in the table displays the atomic number, atomic symbol and name along with a colorful illustration and verbal reference as to how that element is (or was) used, or where it occurs in nature. A puzzle of this magnitude is equally enjoyable as a solitary endeavor or as fabulous group fun for the entire family. The 1,000 piece Periodic Table of the Elements puzzle is made in the USA from recycled materials, measures 24 inches X 30 inches when completed, and includes a full color mini poster of the puzzle.