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125 Scientific Challenge Set

125 Scientific Challenge Set
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2016

Amazing Toys Limited

This set does a fantastic job of making science fun and accessible to a broad range of ages. Its components are so colorful, varied and plentiful that a kid-in-a-candy-store vibe permeates the room as soon as the box is opened. By the time children have finished poring over its contents, their eagerness has typically grown to such a fever pitch that the only thing that will satiate it is . . . scientific experimentation! There are four exciting units within the kit, ready to be assembled and explored - Aim N Shoot, Bubble Science, Action Dino, and Maze Challenge, each of which offers plenty of lesson-filled playtime in and of itself. The fun and learning get a further boost from the fact that these units can be interconnected in such a way as to trigger a series of interactions among them (a ball shot through a basket causes the Action Dino to move, LEDs to light, etc.). There's enough here to spawn countless hours of experimentation and creative play, and a great deal of knowledge to be gleaned in the process.