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38+ Piano Lab

38+ Piano Lab
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2016

Amazing Toys Limited

38+ Piano Lab is a mini electronics laboratory that yields a great variety of scientific results relating to electronics and electricity. A piano-like keyboard on one side of the unit is used in a number of the experiments, but the real action takes place up top where 45 spring terminals and a number of LED lights and switches can be found. Each experiment starts by using some of the set's 32 pieces of wire to connect a number of the spring terminals together. Results are then triggered either by turning on the main power switch or by doing so in combination with other activators such as a touch plate, push switch or by using a magnetic control. The speed with which even the more elaborate experiments can be set up, and the aural and/or visual results that immediately follow, can be immensely satisfying. There are 39 experiments in all, activities that include completing a simple LED circuit, producing a flashing LED, creating a musical doorbell, and a number of fascinating electric piano experiments.