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3D Play Set: The Cube & Creatorz

3D Play Set: The Cube & Creatorz
Best Creative Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Strictly Briks

This new construction toy from Strictly Briks serves up a bounty of creative fun and exploration. The set includes 6 large, hinged baseplates that connect to one another to form a sizable cube. Kids can then use any of the set's 60 briks to build outward and upward on multiple sides of the cube - bridges, towers, little cities, robotic creatures, strange architectural outcroppings, whatever inspiration sets in motion! Each double-sided plate is designed so that one side works with standard briks, the other with large briks, allowing them to merge seamlessly with the many other building sets from Strictly Briks for ever-expanding fun. This set's 6 baseplates and 60 Creatorz briks allow children the pleasure of engaging in the sort of open-ended play that leads to genuine discovery and invention. And when playtime is over for the time being, the cube also serves as a wonderful storage chest for the rest of the briks. Patent Pending.