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ALEX Toys Lil Lockitz Selfie Set

ALEX Toys Lil Lockitz Selfie Set
Best Creative Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2016

Alex Brands

ALEX Toys Lil Lockitz Selfie Set lets children design and make their own custom lockets. It's a lovely product that encourages and nurtures creative self-expression. In addition to the charms, gems, sequin letters, and colorful backgrounds included in the set, the instructions encourage kids to personalize the lockets by adding their own little treasures to the mix. Among the set's components are a photo stencil and puncher that let kids perfectly size their own photographs to fit within the set's colorful locket backs. While the set can produce a total of two completed lockets at a time, these can be repeatedly opened and resealed, allowing wearers to continually modify them (or start again from scratch) to suit ever-changing moods and fashions. Both the process and results provide a deeply satisfying avenue for personal self-expression. Includes 2 Locket Tops, 2 Locket Backs, 2 Necklaces, 8 Charms, 6 Gems, 4 Backgrounds, Sequin Letters, Photo Puncher, Photo Stencil, Locket Crimper and Easy Instructions.