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Aqualiens Transforming Sea Creatures

Aqualiens Transforming Sea Creatures
Top Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2018

SwimWays Corporation

This super-cool transforming dive toy starts out looking like a brightly colored space pod that, when dropped in water, spontaneously morphs into a shark or seahorse with some decidedly unearthly characteristics. The shark variety sprouts no fewer than 7 brightly colored fins as it descends, with 4 eyes (2 on either side of its head) that suddenly pop forward as a previously hidden row of fearsome teeth becomes visible. Aqualiens Transforming Sea Creatures are a fabulous way for kids to have an especially fun time at the pool and encourages swimming and diving practice as young swimmers retrieve them again and again. Resetting them to their original state takes only a moment, and presto, they're ready for another aqua-fueled transformation! Aqualiens are available for purchase individually or in an assortment that includes 2 sharks (blue and red) and 2 seahorses (pink and aqua).