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Big Paw - Gizmo Golden Lab

Big Paw - Gizmo Golden Lab
Top Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Aurora World
All Ages

It can be difficult to articulate exactly what causes one plush animal to stand out so strikingly from others, but suffice it to say that Big Paw - Gizmo Golden Lab has it, and then some! This adorable golden labradoodle excels in both softness and personality, with lifelike nose, paws and an irresistible expression that instantly captures and holds the attention of anyone within visual range. Nor was there any scrimping in the area of hands-on cuddliness. Gizmo is as huggable and squeezable as they come. Floppy ears, a raised tail (as if ready to wag) and Gizmo's ability to be placed standing or sitting in relaxed and surprisingly real dog-like poses further add to the sense of enchantment. Aurora's Big Paw line offers several other equally delightful plush dogs/breeds in addition to Gizmo, making it possible to collect a pack of playful puppy companions.