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Bounce in Space

Bounce in Space
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Amazing Toys Limited

This wonderful 210+ piece construction and science experiment set brings fun and learning to the fore while laying an awesome groundwork for the development of STEM skills. Elaborate chain reactions can be set up and executed in which kids use hands and minds to build structures ideal for exploring and demonstrating potential energy, kinetic energy and other scientific principles. Prominent among these is an amusement park-like construction through which marbles careen, roll and bounce. The instruction manual includes several cool experiments that explore fundamentals of electricity, use of an electric motor, cams & cranks, a mini-trampoline, and the inclined plane, all of which come into play in the creation and functionality of the mini-amusement park. Each hands-on experiment includes a write-up that explains, in easy-to-understand terms, the science behind the physical interactions taking place.