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Boxitale Mini

Boxitale Mini
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2018

Akibabus Ltd

Boxitale Mini is an immensely fun, interactive adventure game that gets kids thinking creatively and constructively. While watching animated episodes in the game's included companion app, children use special Boxitale connectors and rods (70 of each are included) to build solutions that help lovable characters in the video overcome challenges. Each time an onscreen friend encounters an obstacle, the young viewer is shown an animated version of what is needed to save the day followed by various photo examples of that object built with Boxitale connectors and rods. For example, when Namjul the cat becomes lost, youngsters help kitty find the way home by building a ladder, a winged version of Namjul, a pickup truck, and a catapult. Each time the animation reveals a need, the story pauses while the child constructs a physical version of the needed object and photographs it with the app before progressing to the next challenge. This ingenious merging of digital and hands-on physical play nurtures development of motor skills, problem-solving, creativity, and more!