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Brik Buster

Brik Buster
Best Family Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Strictly Briks

The frequent explosions of glee that burst forth from kids' lips while playing Brik Buster are an excellent indicator of just how much fun this game is. Each Brik Buster set comes with enough Briks and Baseplate Platforms to build a 5-story tower. As soon as players have finished constructing one, they begin busting it down, one or more Briks at a time! Anticipatory excitement builds as players take turns using a lightweight toy hammer to knock Briks out of the support pillars that hold the tower aloft, fingers crossed that the whole structure won't suddenly come crashing down. Part of the genius of Brik Buster lies in the surprising stability the tower retains even as pillar after pillar disappears with a whack. Nevertheless, players must choose their targets wisely, for a misguided choice or misplaced blow can be enough to suddenly topple the tower and give the win to the last person to have successfully knocked out a Brik!