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Castle Combat Cards

Castle Combat Cards
Top Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

5-12 yrs.

This 2-player game, based on the classic card game war, has lots of nice twists and turns that add to the excitement and fun. Not least of these are the 32 warrior cards, of which there are 16 each from two opposing armies. The playful illustrations are amusing and kid-friendly (a silly-looking dragon named Thermo the Ancient, a comically fierce Yeti chieftain named Kang Kool, and many others). Players go head-to-head in rounds of rapid-fire battle, continually choosing one from three cards in hand to flip up simultaneously. Each player can then roll a battle die to power up their card's strength in hopes of sending their foe to the dungeon! Brief written descriptions on the cards outline any special ability belonging to that warrior. Some abilities take effect automatically, while others are optional. This discretion fits nicely among the quick choices a player must make round after round until only one army is left standing on the field.