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Check the Fridge!

Check the Fridge!
Best Family Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Melon Rind

Check the Fridge is a fast-moving matching, adding and bluffing game in which a good poker face and the ability to read other people will take you far! Play gets off to a rollicking start when each player is dealt 5 cards apiece, for their eyes only. Each player immediately lays down all sets of same-food cards (cauliflower, carrots, radishes, . . .) whose numbers add up to 25. If no one has such a set, players take turns asking for a type of food they need. If one or more of the others has such a card (or cards) they must be offered, face down, to the requesting player. Players who do not have such a card may offer ANY cards from their hand, including the dreaded Smelly Cheese card. Any time a player's hand falls below 5 cards, he or she replenishes from the deck. At the end of the game, each player earns 1 point for every set and loses 1 point for every Smelly Cheese card they possess. Check the Fridge's nonstop matching, adding, bluffing and decision-making keeps kids mentally on their toes from start to finish!